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Summer Savings Tips


Stay cool and save money with these energy efficiency tips.

  1. Clean or replace filters. Dirty filters restrict the air flow and can really hurt efficiency

  2. Raise the temperature setting on the A/C unit. One degree higher can equate to 8% + savings.

  3. Use a fan to move air around you to feel comfortable at the higher temperature setting (wind chill effect). One ceiling fan can make the area in its breeze feel cooler. Have the fan blow down. Shut the fan off when not in the room. If you use air conditioning, a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting 4°F or more with no reduction in comfort.

  4. Control the humidity in the areas you are air conditioning. Up to half the cost of air conditioning is in removing humidity. Use exhaust fans in bathrooms and while cooking.

  5. Seal up any outdoor leaks that blow in hot humid air into the house from outdoors.

  6. Turn off unneeded lights or any other heat generating appliances. Replace standard incandescent lights with LEDs. They will give off the same light and only put off 1/3 the amount of heat.

  7. Close window shades on the south and west facing walls. Use insulating shades if possible.

  8. Make sure the outdoor coil is free of debris. Have the AC unit serviced regularly.

  9. Raise the temperature up on the thermostat during the day if you are going to be gone 5 – 10 degrees. Avoid reintroducing humidity back into the house within a short timeframe.

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