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Renewable Choice Calculator

Take Boone Electric Cooperative’s renewable energy program for a test drive! In 2017, roughly 20% percent of the energy used to power BEC homes and businesses came from wind and hydro power. But some members want to increase their use of renewables even more. Yes, buying more wind from our Renewable Choice program or solar from our Community Solar farm does cost more, but the monthly addition is comparative to lunch out with friends or a few cups of premium coffee.

BEC’s Renewable Choice Calculator lets you see first-hand how little Renewable Energy can cost. The calculator works two ways: find the Renewable Energy combination that works with your budget or use the wind blocks and solar panels to help you reach the percentage of Renewable Energy you hope to consume.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose whether you are calculating winter or summer bills. It's recommended you calculate both. The main difference between the seasons is the energy production of our solar panels. They produce twice the amount of kWh during summer than winter months. And for those with electric heat, heat pumps and space heaters, consumption can differ greatly in winter and summer.
  2. Grab one of your highest recent bills. January from 2018 will work for winter and August or September 2017 will likely work for summer. We recommend using the calculator for each season if you are wanting solar to be a part of your energy mix.
  3. Find the column titled USAGE in your information table (if there is more than one line, you will need to add them together). Enter the amount in the “Enter usage” box. DO NOT include Boone County Sewer.
  4. Now you can start adding Renewables. One block of wind equals 100 kWh and costs $2/month. Solar panels produce different energy amounts daily, so we have averaged the winter months’ production together to equal 22 kWh/month and summer averages are 50 kWh/month. The cost of a solar panel kWh is 15.95¢ compared to the average residential kWh of 8.7¢ which is an additional 7.25¢. So, 100kWh of solar adds another $7.25 onto your bill a month (in the summer that is roughly two panels).
  5. Examples:
    1. If your bill is 1300 kWh and BEC power is already 20% Renewable Energy, you would need nine blocks of wind to be close to 100% Renewable. If you wanted to test this version via your budget, each wind block adds $2/month to your bill. Those 9 blocks would be an additional $18 a month.
    2. If you added two solar panels to your monthly energy bill, the additional cost in winter would be $3.19/month and in summer $7.25.
  6. New bill total. As you adjust your desired number of wind blocks and solar panels, the calculations will change the new bill total bottom, so, you can see how much more you might pay a month for wind and solar. A reminder: these are estimations, not exact totals.
  7. % of Renewable Energy: The calculations will also show you how much of your energy usage now comes from Renewable Energy (we did not factor in the Renewable Energy already used in the power generation level of BEC because the level changes daily).



Choose one:

Winter (Dec/Jan/Feb)
Summer (July/Aug/Sept)


Enter Usage (one month):

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Add Renewable Choice options:

Wind Blocks:
Solar Panels:



0 % of energy from Renewable Choice
0.00 Cost of Renewable Choice per month
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*these calculations do not include taxes, additional fees, Round Up or other monthly charges.

Renewable Choice LogoYou can now make an informed choice about Renewable Energy. Take this information and call BEC to sign up. BEC will not allow you to sign up for more Renewable Energy than what your bill usage shows you use. Our Renewable Choice program has no contracts and you can stop at any time. And remember, the greenest energy is the energy never consumed. When you call, also ask us about our energy audit and rebate program for energy efficiency in the home or business. 

Call Boone Electric Member Services at 573-449-4181 to go over your Renewable Energy options, today!


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