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On Guard™ Surge Protection


Protecting your sensitive electronic equipment from a power surge or interruption is in your best interest – and ours! Your home functions well when its electrical power is properly controlled. With On Guard you can protect your home from uncontrolled electricity – such as lightning or other surges – that can damage your appliances and equipment.

The program has two stages:

Installation of a meter adapter
The meter adapter helps protect hard-wired appliances, like ranges, refrigerators and freezers.

Use of plug-in surge protection devices
Plug-in strips help protect more sensitive equipment like computers, modems and home entertainment centers.

Together, these two stages of surge protection help prevent disturbance from outside and inside your home. If the meter is on your house, the meter base adapter will prevent many surges from ever entering your home. It defends your home against surges up to 70,000 amps. A Boone Electric representative must install it. If your meter is on a pole away from your house, we can advise you on equipment that will provide protection.

On Guard offers a variety of plug-in surge protectors. Contact Member Services at 573-449-4181 for current monthly charges and a price list.



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