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Dusk-to-Dawn Lights


Picture of Dusk-to-Dawn Light

Boone Electric offers various types of outdoor security lights to co-op members for rent. The basic monthly rental charge for the light includes installation on an existing pole, energy for the light and normal maintenance. Unusual repair required as a result of vandalism or other physical damage may be charged to the member.

You will be billed a one time charge of $150 in addition to the regular monthly charge if a new pole has to be set in order for a Dusk-to-Dawn Light to be installed. Additional poles are billed at $275 each. A 12-month commitment is required for all new dusk-to-dawn light installations. 

The following types of Dusk-to-Dawn Lights are available:

  • 100 watts HPS - $7.35/month
  • 400 watts HPS - $15.12/month

If you live in an underground-fed area, there will be a cost to run underground service to the pole. If the pole sits within 5 feet of a pad mount transformer, there will not be any additional charges. Outside that 5-foot area, Boone Electric will charge $1.20 per foot to trench.

For more information on street lighting, ask for the Service Department at 573-449-4181 or e-mail us at



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